• Hygiene is very important, please shower before your appointment. (in a pinch, wet wipes are a lifesaver!) Hair must be at least a quarter of an inch. About 10-14 days of growth so the wax can to properly adhere. The longer the growth (within reason) will mean less tweezing and a cleaner wax. Your hair must be at least the length of a grain of rice.
  • Resist the urge to shave or trim between sessions.  Shaving chafes the skin and creates sharper, coarser hair, making the hair more difficult to come up. And sometime hair can accidentally be trimmed too short.
  • Gently exfoliate your skin before your wax.  Exfoliating removes dead skin cells around and in the follicle allowing for easier and more thorough removals. We also suggest gently dry brushing or using an exfoliating scrub.
  • Do your best to relax. Come to your appointment as relaxed as you can and enjoy a glass of champagne. Like a lot of things in life, the anticipation is often worse than the actual event. Forget your friends horror stories, they don’t come to us! Don’t worry, it really doesn’t hurt that much. And trust me, we want you to come back, so we won’t do anything to traumatize you! This is your experience and we want it to be a good one!!
  • No caffeine! The day of your waxing, limit your caffeine intake as it can stimulate the nervous system which can make you more sensitive and red.
  • Just know that waxing gets easier.  We get that first timers don’t know what to expect. Just know that the first one will be the most uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been shaving prior to it. However, it doesn’t have to be the worst thing you’ve ever done. Most of the time, people leave our room pleasantly relieved that the wax wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected.  Every wax there after gets easier, easier especially when your hair starts growing in finer, sparser and a lot weaker!
  • Medicate if you must. If you’re concerned about the discomfort, take a couple of advil forty-five minutes before your appointment and be sure to use our complementary numbing spray!. Some clients feel this takes the edge off.
  • Remember, it will be over before you know it and being smooth is totally worth the discomfort!